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Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

1. How do FashionVu work?

FashionVu is a comprehensive platform designed for working fashion professionals, aspiring models, new faces and other fashion industry people to get connected to the world of fashion. It provides an energetic way for new talent to get head hunted by agencies and photographers around the world.  


2. Who can join FashionVu?

Models, Designers, Photographers, Actors/Actresses, Agencies, Fashion Stylists, Hair and make-up artists, New faces and New actors/actresses who are looking to improve their career in the Fashion industry can join FashionVu.


3. What kind of benefits can I get from FashionVu as a model?

There are numerous benefits once you sign up with FashionVu. We list you in the already existing list of models and provide you a platform to showcase your portfolio to the modelling world which helps to grab the attention of agencies. Also, display of profile makes you familiar in the fashion industry.


4. Membership Categories explained

FashionVu has categorized membership plans into three:

          1. Basic

          2. Premium

          3. Premium Pro 


Basic is a free membership plan for new and professional models, agencies and other industry professionals to join FashionVu and get extensive range of benefits, whereas Premium and Premium Pro are improved membership plans designed to enhance your reach and opportunities in the ever growing global fashion network.


5. I'm a new model, would agencies contact me?

FashionVu is a trending option for agencies to search and recruit new/experienced models, actors and other fashion industry people. Once you meet the agency requirements, they will approach you as soon as possible.


6. Can I switch from one plan to another?

Yes, you can! If you would like to change from an existing plan to other plan (i.e. from basic to premium or premium pro) in order to fortify advantages, simply select the right plan that suits to your requirement.


7. What if I switch from a working plan to a new plan in the middle?

If you would like to change from an existing plan to other plan in the middle (i.e from premium to premium pro) in order to fortify advantages, simply select the plan and we will forward your amount to the current plan.


For instance, if you are in premium plan for 3 months and seeking to join premium pro after two months of subscription then money for the remaining month will be carried forward and applied to premium pro. Similarly, if the subscription is for 6 months and looking to join premium pro after 4 months then the amount for remaining 2 months will be carried forward and applied during the time of pay.


8. How do discounts work?

FashionVu Members can discover a variety of discounts in their mail inbox. Enter the relevant coupon code and get discounts on the membership plan. These discounts cannot be combined with any other offers. If you receive two discount coupon codes, use the one with greater discount to avail benefits.


9. Video approval

For every video you would like to upload and watch it on FashionVu, approval from FashionVu is imperative. Once it is accepted, it can be played and viewed by any user.


10. How a new actor can change his professional status?

If you had joined as a new actor and looking to edit your professional status from new actor to experienced actor..........




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